Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If a company operates in more than one area, will I be charged for duplicate listings?

How is the data gathered?

The Beverage Marketing Directory has been an industry standard for 30 years. Traditionally, it has been available in print and diskette/CD-ROM formats. Each year, Beverage Marketing conducts a survey of the industry, contacting each company to gather the most accurate data possible.

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What can the data from the Beverage Marketing Web Version be used for?

You can unleash the power of the database upon which the Directory is built, download it via the web, and immediately get started meeting your business objectives!!! You get a database, built to your specifications, that you can put into the spreadsheet/database program you are most comfortable working with, and use it over and over again or merge relevant portions with other programs including Word, Act, Goldmine, etc. Use the Beverage Marketing Web Delivery Version for:

  • Aligning sales territories
  • Mailing Lists
  • Target Marketing - Contact only the prospects most likely to buy a particular product in your line-up
  • Customer and Prospect Relations Management - Customize the database by adding your day to day dealings with the company, planned follow-up, etc.
  • Custom Promotions - Develop customized promotions based on company size, brands they carry, location, etc.
  • Mass Faxing
  • Phone Contact List Merge with CRM Systems - select pertinent records to merge with your CRM system (we suggest that you select only certain fields as the full database is quite robust and might overwhelm some CRM systems)

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What is the cost for Web Delivery of the Beverage Marketing Directory?

The full database costs U.S. $5,495.00


You can create a customized database for U.S. $995/1000 companies. You can further filter the data (additional cost) by using optional selection criteria. The cost is $135/criteria for the first three, and $67.50 for each additional filter. The filter charges are in addition to the cost per 1000 companies.

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What format will I receive my data in?

Your data will be provided in comma separated value (CSV). This format can be exported into or read by most common spreadsheet programs including Excel and Access.

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What are the rules regarding use of the data for mailings? Can I use it more than once?

You can use the data as often as you like! The only restrictions are that you may not share or resell the data, or use it to create a product that competes with Beverage Marketing (for example, you cannot use the data as the basis for producing a database or directory for resale.)

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How often is the Web Version of the Beverage Marketing Directory updated?

The database is updated in January with periodic updates throughout the year.

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Will I be able to sort and filter the data that I receive to create custom reports or targeted mailings?

Yes. You are receiving an actual database file which you can manipulate any way you see fit to extract the data you need. You can sort and filter using a wide range of criteria including location, employee size, sales volume range, brands carried, etc. You can also add to the database as you use it, to create a customized, "real time" record for your business.

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What information is contained in a company profile?

Information varies by company type. However, all company profile records contain:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Key People
  • Titles
  • Phone Fax
  • # of Employees (range)
  • Brands
  • Many categories also include fleet size, sales volume range, # of bottling lines, county, etc. To view sample data for each category, click on the "Sample Data" button on the left hand side of the main screen within the Web Delivery system.

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How can I get my company listed in the Beverage Marketing Directory?

Go to and follow the instructions. Our staff will evaluate your application for inclusion in the Beverage Marketing database and Beverage Marketing Directory.

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What equipment or software do I need to use the Web Version of the Directory?

All you need to view and order the web directory is an Internet connection! To use the data to its fullest potential, however, it is recommended that you have a spreadsheet or database program such as Access, Excel or any other program that can read a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. CSV is a very versatile format that can be read by a wide range of software programs.

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After I create and purchase my custom database, will I be able to perform further searches and filter data to prepare special reports or create custom mailing lists?

Absolutely! You will be able to filter data to produce reports based on a wide range of criteria.

Consider this example:

You sell pallets to beverage distributors.
You purchase a Beverage Marketing database including all bottled water, soft drink and beer distributors.

From that database, here are just a few of the custom reports and targeted marketing activities you can perform using your database:

  • Produce a report of companies with more than 50 trucks, and run a special promotion for high volume orders.

  • Produce a report of companies carrying certain brands. Send a customized promotion listing brand-specific pallet specifications.

  • Separate companies by territory: state, county or zip code, etc. for use by regional sales people.

  • Add your own pertinent sales data to the database so managers can track sales results by region, by size of customer, etc.

  • Merge data to produce mailing labels for all distributors.

  • Filter data to produce a mailing list and labels for all companies that sell a certain brand in a particular state.

  • Merge mailing information with a word processing program to produce personalized sales letters.

  • Export contact information into your cutomer relations management software (CRM).

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If a company operates in more than one area, will I be charged for duplicate listings?

You will not be charged for duplicate records if a company appears in more than one beverage category. However, because some companies operate in more than one beverage arena (for example, many soft drink distributors also carry bottled water) a company may appear more than once if you selected overlapping categories. This allows you to fully search your database and create additional comprehensive reports at a later date (for example, down the road you might need to produce a list of all bottled water distributors and a separate list of soft drink distributors. To enable you to eliminate duplicates for mailing purposes, etc., each company has been issued a unique company number. You can filter your data to eliminate listing the same company number twice.

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I realize I don't pay for duplicate listings, but how do I eliminate duplicate listings to reduce mailing costs?

Each company is assigned a unique company number. All you need to do is filter out duplicates in this data field.

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